Investment Management

Our firm's hugely experienced team and unrivalled technical expertise delivers portfolio management capabilities on UCITS and Alternative funds. We manage all major asset classes on single and multi manager structures:

  • Public Markets: 
    Equity, Derivatives ( Futures & Options ), Fixed Income, FX.

  • Private Markets: 
    Equity, Debt, Infrastructure, renewables.

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Investment Advisory

Our firm provides regulated investment advice on UCITS and AIF structures. Specifically, the firm advises on long duration, fixed income and FX strategies.

Cash Management

As with many private market strategies capital is committed and allocated up front but called over an investment period of up to 3 years. The firm executes active cash management strategies providing positive return and reducing drag.

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Collateral Management

Our bond funds have collateral management strategies embedded, primarily as a yield enhancement tool.

FX Services

FX Hedging: 
With our global exposures, FX hedging is imperative. Hedging ratios, frequency, tenure and tolerance bounds are agreed and defined at the outset.

FX Strategies: 
Our Experienced Investment managers run stand alone FX strategies focused on outright currency positioning and shorter term momentum strategies.

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